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Professional Decontamination & Disinfection Services

It’s vitally important that commercial buildings are kept clean and hygienic more than ever before. While daily cleaning should be common practice for every business, thorough disinfection is needed to kill harmful bacteria that live on surfaces and equipment. Infectious diseases such as COVID-19 can survive on some surfaces for up 72 hours and therefore, if not disinfected properly could present great risk to the health and safety of your staff and guests.

Entretien 5 Etoiles offers a range of disinfection services ideal for all types of business; from hospitals, restaurants, office buildings to manufacturing facilities. Your normal cleaning routine can minimize surface level germs but professional decontaminations and disinfection takes this to the next level. Our professional technicians use specialized equipment to eliminate harmful bacteria and germs; giving you peace of mind that your facility is safe.

How Much Does It Cost to Decontaminate an Office?
Most of us can agree that the Coronavirus has wreaked havoc and turned our lives upside down. Even as our economy starts to open up, there is the talk of adapting to the “new normal” everywhere. For many businesses, the new normal means coming up with measures to protect employees and customers. This includes regular cleaning, disinfecting, and decontaminating our workplaces to minimize the risk of exposing your employees, customers, and visitors to the risk of Covid 19 infection. That means adding the cost of disinfecting and decontaminating to your business costs. Planning for such costs can be quite challenging, especially if you have never done it before. So, what is the cost of decontaminating an office?
How Often Should You Disinfect and Decontaminate?
One of the critical factors that will determine your overall office decontamination cost is the number of times you need to do it. Typically, there are some areas you need to be decontaminating regularly. The first principle you need to keep in mind while developing your decontamination program is to focus more on high touch and high traffic areas. The areas that receive the most contact in your office should be disinfected and decontaminated regularly. They include work desks, doorknobs, tables, light switches, toilets, door handles, sinks, and office telephones. In a manufacturing setup, different equipment, access doors, handles, and maintenance tools should be considered high touch areas. When developing your decontamination protocol, make sure you decontaminate such areas at least once every day.

Average Cost of Decontaminating Office Space

So, how much does it cost to disinfect and decontaminate your office? The answer varies on a case by case basis however the average cost of decontaminating a typical office ranges between $0.15- $0.30 per square foot. With the cost per foot, you can easily determine the cost of decontaminating your entire office space.

It is highly recommended you decontaminate your office at least once a week to keep your employees and customers safe. If the office stays too long without disinfection and decontamination many employees will fall sick and take sick leave, which isn’t good for your business.

You can always hire a decontamination service that can do the work during non-working hours. Fortunately, most professional decontamination specialist like Entretien 5 Etoiles are available 24 hours a day.

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