Workplace is like a second home and keeping the workplace clean is as important as keeping our homes clean. But keeping the office space clean is a time consuming task, until you opt for the Best Janitorial Cleaning Services Laval.

A professional janitorial service provider very well knows how to do the job right. They are never out of supplies, they are perfect at their work, they save your time, they are trained to sanitize and disinfect properly, and they ensure to clean every nook and corner. But a general query that arises is how often one should schedule janitorial cleaning. Well, the answer to this largely depends upon a couple of factors. These factors include: 


The size of the office


Industry you belong to


How often do stakeholders and customers visit?


Cleaning requirements

There are certain areas of the workplace that demand daily cleaning and maintenance, to keep up with the hygiene. Moreover, the pandemic has largely impacted the cleaning schedules, making it essential for businesses to schedule their janitorial cleaning services more often than usual. It is always suggested to go for regular cleaning approach, in order to have a fresh and healthy workplace.

On the contrary, there are certain sectors of the office that require deeper and not so frequent cleaning. Considering both the situations, business should schedule daily to twice a week professional cleaning, keeping in mind their cleaning requirements.

So, Schedule your janitorial cleaning services today!

Now that you know how often you should schedule your janitorial cleaning, you can speak with Entretien 5 Etoile team about your commercial cleaning requirements. At Entretien 5 Etoile, our cleaning experts never settle for anything less than perfect. We are equipped with the latest tools to ensure that we meet the highest cleaning standards. Our janitorial cleaning services include:

• Daily, weekly, and monthly packages
• Office buildings
• Auto dealerships
• Schools/day-care centres
• Churches/other worship places
• Fitness centres
• Restaurants
• Medicinal premises

As the leading provider of the Best Janitorial Cleaning Services Laval, we would love to keep your workplace clean and make it a healthy and hygienic place to work. We are just a call away, or for any query, feel free shoot an email at