The future belongs to children. Therefore, no matter what we do, we need to keep a close eye on our little ones all the time. Whether they are playing inside the house, swimming on beaches, climbing trees outside, or spending time at a daycare center, their safety must always be the number one priority.

Daycare center managers have a critical role to play because parents entrust their children to them. As a daycare center manager, you need to keep in mind that germs, bacteria, and illnesses tend to spread fast among children.

Thus, it is essential to keep your daycare center clean, safe, and healthy for kids. Here are a few tips that you can follow to keep your daycare clean, safe, and healthy.

1.    Identify areas to clean

The simplest way to maintain a clean and safe daycare center is to follow a schedule and know which areas require frequent cleaning. Typically, any surface or item with visible dirt should be cleaned and disinfected immediately.

Clean the entryways including light switches; door handles, floors, cubbies, keyboards, railings, pens and pencil every day. Also take care of the diaper changing area and disinfect it regularly. Encourage caregivers to wash their hands between each diaper change.

Thoroughly wipe play area shelves, play surfaces, and play centers. Some toys also need to be wiped and disinfected regularly. In the bathroom, keep the floors, sinks, toilets tops and doorknobs clean and disinfected all the time.

One thing you must keep in mind is that while your regular daycare center staff may help with regular cleaning, you need to hire a Montreal daycare cleaning services company to assist in maintaining high standards of cleanliness.

2.    Choose cleaning products that are safe for children

Choosing child-friendly cleaning products is critical because kids are highly vulnerable to chemical exposures. Before hiring a greater Montreal daycare cleaning services company, make sure you understand the cleaning products they will be using and their chemical formulations.

Always read the labels of cleaning products in use and know the health history of the kids under your care to avoid complications and medical emergencies.

Don’t allow the kids to start touching toys and surfaces immediately after cleaning.  Instead, advise them to wait for some time before they start playing around and touching surfaces.

3.    Adhere to proper waste disposal guidelines

Disposing of waste materials in daycare centers can be quite tricky because of the danger they pose to children in the facility. Therefore, it is critical to follow recommended waste disposal procedures to avoid problems.

Always wear the necessary protective gear when disposing waste and make sure no child is nearby while doing so. Also, install no-touch rubbish bins in strategic and easy-to-access areas throughout the center. Make sure children cannot reach the trash bins.

Dispose of cleaning items immediately and always wear gloves while disposing potentially infected items such as diapers and tissues. You should also put on a protective gear while emptying the trash bins.

Encourage staff members to wash their hands thoroughly and regularly to avoid passing germs to playing surfaces and other areas of the facility.