With renovation challenges comes the dreaded renovation dust, which is thick, sticky, and almost never-ending until you get a post-renovation deep clean done. The task doesn’t end once the construction is complete, rather leaves you with a lot of mess to clean. Often entrepreneurs try skipping the need for professionals for post-construction cleaning of the office space without even realizing that post-construction cleaning is more intensive than regular cleaning. The post-construction cleaning is performed by janitorial companies for commercial property owners who are either planning to use their office space post-construction or are preparing a building to advertise and rent. Post-construction cleaning might require different tools and equipment, and even certain chemicals to get rid of stains and other unwanted stuff. Thus, getting it done by professionals is a sensible decision.

Areas To Be Cleaned Thoroughly Post-Construction

Your post-construction cleaning checklist should cover the following aspects.

  • Removal of construction debris attached to the floors
  • Dry mop and clean walls and ceilings
  • Clean window glasses with glass cleaners
  • Remove unwanted stains from the doors
  • Cleaning conference rooms
  • Cleaning lights and fans
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Cleaning the exteriors
  • Furniture dusting and cleaning
  • Stairwells/ elevators
  • Wiping workstations

Post-construction cleaning is not limited to the pointers mentioned above, rather it includes various other nitty-gritty that only a professional can manage. Cleaning professionals have the experience and expertise required to successfully handle post-construction and renovation cleaning for office space, keeping up with the cleaning and safety standards.

Commercial or office renovations can be exciting but at times can be a real headache too, especially when it comes to post-construction and renovation cleaning. If you have been dealing with any construction-related work or a newly renovated office space and looking for Service de nettoyage de bureau Montréal, then Entretien 5 Etoiles can save you from post-construction headaches. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly commercial cleaning services and also create custom cleaning schedules tailored around the office schedule.

Leave your office cleaning worries to our cleaning professionals and enjoy a clean and hygienic working environment.