When you strip and wax your commercial floor, you’re prolonging its lifespan. Stripping and waxing require knowledge and skills. So when you tackle it for the first time without any experience, mistakes can be unavoidable.

Many of the mistakes may look small, but they can cause a lot of problems to your floor surface. If you have no idea how to do it, it’s best to hire a professional cleaning company to do the work.

Here are some of the common mistakes you should avoid when stripping and waxing your commercial floor.

Lack of Enough Wax

You should wax your commercial floors regularly because they experience a lot of foot traffic. Many businesses overlook waxing or choose to wax their floors only once in a while.

Remember that wax is meant to protect your commercial floor because it deteriorates quickly under heavy foot traffic.

Make sure you strip and wax your floor regularly to enhance the protection. Daily foot traffic on your business facility should guide you on how often you need to wax your floor. You can hire a floor waxing service for a great floor protection job.

Not Using the Right Equipment

Using the wrong tools is another common mistake during stripping and waxing. The tools you intend to use in this process should be in good condition to enable you to clean your floor in the right way. Your provider can damage your floor by using an old and outdated machine.

Hire a reliable commercial cleaning company that can utilize high-quality and updated equipment suitable for your type of commercial floor.

Not Considering Your Specific Type of Floor

This is the worst mistake you can ever make when stripping and waxing your floor. Different types of commercial floors require different treatments when it comes to this process.

For instance, you can’t use the same treatments to clean stone flooring surfaces on VCT flooring.

To get the right chemicals and tools, ensure you get help from an expert. Professional commercial floor services are conversant with various floor surfaces and their treatments.

Using Inappropriate Chemicals

You can use any chemical strip of the remaining wax off your floor. But an inappropriate one can still damage the fragile surfaces below the old wax.

Don’t use harsh chemicals because they can damage marble, heavy-duty floor, and granite. When stripping, use safe and compatible chemicals on your floor surface.

Another mistake that you should avoid is not diluting the stripper. This means applying a more potent chemical to your commercial floor. Contact a floor cleaning expert to use the chemicals correctly to avoid damaging your floor surface.

Failing to Hire Professional Commercial Cleaning Service

Hiring professional cleaners will not only save you money and time but will leave your surface floor sparkling clean. Of course, you cannot count on your cleaning team if you want superior stripping and waxing.

Stripping and waxing is a complex procedure that knowledge and experience from professionals. Don’t leave your precious floor in the hands of amateurs.