Winter can be hard on your office flooring if you don’t take appropriate measures to protect it. During this season, your clients and employees track in a lot of salt and ice as they enter the office. Typically, salt and water can stain, scratch, and wear away at the flooring in your business; keep your flooring in great condition with professional cleaning services.
Although we cannot predict what winter will always bring, we can provide you with critical things you need to do to protect your office floor during the cold season. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Guard against Moisture

During the cold winter season, moisture is one of the greatest risks that you must guard your office flooring against. For laminate floors, if the moisture in the assembly freezes, it will end up stressing different tile components, which could cause huge cracks.

Hardwood floors will end up warping and lifting when exposed to moisture elements. Therefore, as the winter season approaches, it is always critical to ensure your drainage system is in excellent condition. This will play a critical role in preventing waterlogging that can cause unwanted seepage into the floors.

2. Keep the Salt and Debris Out

One of the most damaging things to your office floors is salt and ice melt used on exterior walkways and steps to eliminate snow and ice. While that helps minimize the risk of slips and falls, it can be rough on your floor if these elements find their way into the office.

The most commonly used ice melt chemicals are calcium chloride and sodium chloride. Unfortunately, both of them are highly corrosive in nature and can cause extensive damage to your office floors over time.
Therefore, it is important to find ways of stopping the ice melt from coming in contact with your office floors. Keep it outdoors where it is meant to be. You can do this by putting doormats just outside the main office door where people rub their shoes before they walk in.

3. Create Storage Spaces

Piles of wet gloves, hats, and boots can wreak havoc in your workplace during winter. Besides their potential to cause water damage to wood furniture, they can also create unpleasant odors. While you want your employees to keep warm during winter, you need to develop a strategy on how their work desks will remain organized and tidy.

Creating a storage space where they can keep their wet boots, gloves and hats can help. The storage space can have a few drying racks that allow them to dry their winter gear before tracking it into the workplace.

4. Increase Vacuuming

Carpets tend to soak up a lot of moisture, dust, and allergens during winter. Therefore, if your office floor is carpeted, you should consider increasing the rate of vacuuming to prevent salt and water damage.

A carpet that has soaked up plenty of moisture will begin to produce a bad smell if it is not vacuumed regularly. A wet carpet is also prone to mold and mildew growth, which may put your employees’ and clients’ health at risk.

Other than waiting for the worst to happen, call an office cleaning company like Entretien 5 Etoiles quickly and let them help you restore your carpet before it is damaged.